Understand how to dye your hair at home with these 5 tips

When it comes to coloring your hair at home, there are always many questions that need to be clarified before doing the procedure, right? After all, there are so many products available, coloring techniques, care for good performance and other aspects that directly influence the result. So, the question that remains in the air is: how to color hair at home correctly? Visit this link to gain more ideas: how to do a soap cap

Initially, it is essential to understand about coloring products, prioritizing choosing the best option to achieve the desired result. In addition, specific care with the newly colored threads does not end after staining. They need to be maintained or, even, it is necessary to purchase specific products for post-color care, ensuring the preservation of brightness and color durability.

Below, we list the step by step with the best tips and information for your coloring process at home. Check out!

Set the best tone

With so many options of permanent coloring and toning tones on the market, the question always arises which color to choose. It is important that you choose the tone that best suits you, that further highlights your personality and that you feel good! Research and seek inspiration to choose the best option for your hair.

If you don't want radical change, choose shades closer to your natural color. If you want to dare, don't repress yourself! But remember: coloring does not lighten colored hair previously. If you have colored hair and the desired color has a lighter shade than the current one, or if the natural color of your hair is much darker than the chosen shade, it will be necessary to perform a previous discoloration, leaving the hair in a slightly lighter shade than the chosen one. If you are unsure about discoloration, seek professional advice.

Test sensitivity

After defining the color, it is essential to do a sensitivity test on your hair and skin, before application. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. With this attitude, in addition to monitoring the performance of the product on the wires, you can discover any possible reaction, such as allergies and skin irritations, for example.
If everything went well, it's time to apply, but contain your anxiety! Apply the amount of product proportional to your amount of hair. The more hair, the more product you have to apply so that all the strands come into contact with the product. Respect the guidelines on the action time, the indicated washing and the color maintenance interval, contained in the product. Thus, the preservation of the health of the hair and, consequently, the beauty of your hair will be guaranteed.

Prepare the wires

For application of the product, it is recommended that the hair is dry and clean - ideally, they have been washed a day before -, because dirty or oily hair can interfere with the result and color performance, preventing the penetration of the product in wires.

Divide the hair and make a perfect application

Here, the moment requires concentration and care. But don't panic! To avoid blemishes, poor distribution and areas not covered, it is necessary to divide the hair into four parts, like a quadrant, to facilitate handling.

To do this, apply the coloring using a short bristle brush and start the process at the back of the head, always in thin strands.

Considering that this is your first application, and your hair is natural, apply from length to ends, leaving the root without product for now. Then, check that the entire length and ends are with product - it should be evenly distributed and you can use your hands to help spread it.

Increase care

After the transformation, in addition to enjoying the new color, it is essential to take care of the new hair. After the coloring process, the hair tends to become sensitive and dry, but nothing that simple and accurate alternatives do not solve.

First, we recommend that you invest in an excellent treatment line for colored hair, prioritizing maintaining the health and beauty of your hair.