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Projects developed by Nishant Das Patnaik:

  • iSENSE: Licensing Framework for Visual Basic 6 Developers
  • SmartEye*: Log based web-server Intrusion Detection System (Apache/IIS , Windows XP,2003,2008)
  • ADSlookup: NTFS Alternate Data Stream Detector/Editor/Creator (Windows XP,Vista, 2003)
  • SureDelete! v3.0: A Windows based File/Folder/Drive sanity software that securely erases all confidential data from all magnetic storage media using 9 Industry Standard wiping algorithms like Peter Guttmann, US Department Of Defense 5220.22-M (8-306 /E, C & E), NATO, German VSITR, Bruce Scheiner. With the latest release of version 3.0.0, SureDelete! is a commercial tool and a frequently downloaded program at Details
  • SureLock! v5.12: A Windows based computer locking software that securely locks a personal computer or laptop by using passwords or USB flash drives. With strong locking capabilities, it is a must have utility for corporatists with costly laptops while they are on the move. It is compatible with Windows 2000/XP. Details
  • SureProtect!v2.0: A Windows based File/Folder/Drive encryption software that securely protects all your confidential data from being stolen by using 3 Industry Standard encryption algorithms like MS Crypto API, RSA RC4 & Blowfish and 1 128-bit hashing algorithm – MD5. Sure Protect!, latest release (v2.0 build 12.0.0) allows preference between speeds to security. Details
  • SecureMail !v2.0: A Windows based product for cutting edge information security. Has functionality for 256bit text-data encryption using AES (Rinjdael) algorithm. Supports Industry standard Steganography (Image based), which makes it a perfect utility for corporate leaders and business workgroups. Details
  • Anti-Forensic Toolkit: Computer usage evidence eliminator with cryptographic wiping (Windows XP,Vista, 2003)
  • Sense7 Proactive Firewall 2010: A rule based personal firewall that includes website banner blocker. Details
  • Sense7 End-Point Security 2010: An end-point security solution for Windows desktops. It includes anti-virus (on-demand & partial on-Access scanner with heuristics) + anti-spyware + Live Update + 2-way Firewall + Parental Control + System/Application Vulnerability Scanner + Disk Cleaner + Privacy Cleaner. Details comming soon!
  • gwk 0.1a: An automagical tool to audit security posture of a wireless access point with WEP authentication. It is written in PERL v5.10 for BackTrack 4 Pre Final (Live Linux Distribution for Security Auditing). It basically relies on the aircrack-ng suite for its operation. Work is on progress for adding WPA/WPA2 authentication auditing support. Download
  • getfoxpass.rb: A post-exploitation script for Metasploit's meterpreter payload that lets you steal saved credentials from the Mozilla Firefox browser's sign-on store. The script requires Nirsoft's PasswordFox utility for dumping the credentials. Download
  • cleanlog.rb: A post-exploitation anti-forensics script for Metasploit's meterpreter payload that lets you clear all the event logs on the victim windows machine. It clears the application, system & security event logs. It also blanks out the MACE timestamp of Windows\System32\LogFiles. Download
  • SHANK: It as a research project for ClubHACK – India’s 1st International Hacker Convention. It is a handy multi-boot USB key specifically developed to transform a full-fleged computer security workstation into an intelligent,  portable device. It consists of customized Linux distributions like BackTrack 4 Final, OphCrack, Helix 3, TRK 3.3, Hiren BootCD, Slitaz and many portable Windows applications for professional penetration testers, forensic investigators, system administrators and hackers. Any USB key can be converted to SHANK and as the best part it remembers all changes, without any user interaction, unlike Live CDs. It was released as a community project at NullCon 2010, Goa. More information at: (to be updated soon). Details

*currently under development.
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