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  • ISBN: 9788125928676
  • Price: 425 INR (Softcover), $47 (Kindle Edition)
  • Binding: Paperback
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In the publisher's words:

Software Hacking, authored by two computer security experts, is the answer to the ongoing war against piracy that threatens individual users, corporates and government organizations. Protection of intellectual property rights is a key issue in today’s technology-oriented world. This book is for those who wish to fight ‘crackers’–those who break encryption and copy protection schemes. It helps software developers to further strengthen their programs against being broken into by exposing them to various tools and techniques that ill-intentioned people use to tear even a highly protected program into bits. It provides insight into the off-the-shelf programs available in the market and assists them to select the best. While maintaining that it does not make practical sense to ‘hide’ such books from the lay reader, the authors nevertheless advise all their readers not to misuse the knowledge gained from the book.

Rave Reviews:

"This is an excellent resource for beginners and experts alike! Software piracy is a big menace for the IT industry. Nishant handles this sensitive issue with aplomb uncharacteristic of his age! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to know how to protect their Intellectual Property! Cheers!"

-           Chetan Gupta, Senior Incident Response Specialist, Symantec Corporation

"I was pleasantly surprised by the title "Software Hacking". I reviewed an early draft of some key chapters and wondered about the author's dedication towards security at his tender age. In my opinion, Nishant is thinking out of the box on all the practical issues of a vulnerable software or code in this information society. I reckon this book and would consider it a must have for every programmer or security enthusiast or practitioners irrespective of their experience in this domain. When it comes to software security and breaking the code, the devil is in the details and this book tackles the details. My best wishes and keep up the good work."

-           Rishi Narang, Vulnerability Research Analyst, Third Brigade Labs

"Nishant, First of all you have done a superb job. The spirit you showed towards compiling this book "Software Hacking" is really appreciable. The way the book is written is very sharp and clear. This should be a must have guide for each and everyone who wants to learn more about Piracy and Anti-Piracy. This book can be very helpful for both beginners and savvy users. This book should be followed by every programmer who wants to protect their applications from crackers from being pirated/exploited. I appreciate you, for your step which you took towards stopping "Software Piracy" as it’s a big issue now a day in the IT Sector."

-           Sujit Ghosal, Quality Assurance Engineer, Third Brigade Labs

"Software Piracy is one of the major concerns for software products industry. This book covers all the elements that one should know while designing a copy protection mechanism for a software product. There is hardly any reliable information source available on this subject. Nishant Das Patnaik has really done a great job by collectively putting relevant anti-piracy information together in the form of this book. A must read for every software developer."

-          Sanjay Katkar, Technical Director & Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies (P) Ltd.

"This is one the best books on Reverse Engineering and Software Anti-Piracy, I have gone through so far. Nishant’s work is very commendable and I seriously appreciate his efforts and congratulate the authors. A full 5 five stars to the book."

-          Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo, Senior Automation Engineer, Yahoo! Inc.

"This book covers a unique and practical approach towards hacking and anti piracy by looking the problem from the angle of the hacker and provides practical ideas to resolve them. This thought provoking book is must read for any organization that is serious about protection of their most important asset: their data and software. Nishant have organized the content very well and have presented the subject in very lucid manner. I highly recommend this book to anybody who wants to have an in depth knowledge about the anti piracy."

-          Sam Biswal, CEO, Scalable Systems Inc.

"The book deal with issues of software cracking, piracy and can act as a useful guide. I am sure the readers and the software developers will be immensely benefited by its contents. I would like to congratulate the author of this book for his commendable efforts."

- N Vijayaditya, Controller of Certifying Authorities, Ministry of IT, Govt. of India

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